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Rachmaninov. Chants of Liturgy / Рахманинов. Литургия

 Liturgy Only twice a year in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, one of the main symbols of St. Petersburg , you can see and hear the unique music – light action “Rachmaninov . Chants of the Liturgy”. Musical- light action in the St. Isaac’s Cathedral will be interesting not only to believers and not just fans of choral music, but by a wide range of art lovers.

Original art backlight a mix of music, painting, mosaics and architecture reinforce emotional sounding “Liturgy”, highlight the beauty of decorative sculptural decoration of the temple, accentuate the storyline the Holy Scriptures in mosaics and paintings of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Musical and light show – a real celebration of different arts, which will merge into a single chord under the arches of the church.

28 February 2014
Rachmaninov. Chants of Liturgy
music-light show

St. Isaac Cathedral, St. Isaac square, 4
8.00 PM

Chamber Choir of Smolny Cathedral
Conductor Vladimir BEGLETSOV


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