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Александр Ермаков награждён Международной Премией им. Сергея Рахманинова

Александр Ермаков награждён Международной Премией им. Сергея Рахманинова

16 июня 2018 года Александр Ермаков был награждён Международной Премией им. Сергея Рахманинова в номинации «Специальный проект во имя Рахманинова».

Sergei Rachmaninov International Award, 18 июня 

Ladies & Gentlemen:
We are pleased to announce a new laureate of the Sergei Rachmaninov International Award in the nomination “SPECIAL PROJECT IN THE NAME OF RACHMANINOV” - ALEXANDER ERMAKOV !

Alexander Ermakov is director of the Rachmaninov Museum in Ivanovka, Tambov oblast, the man who reconstructed the house of the composer from ruins.
Rachmaninov museum in Ivanovka, the family estate which was Rachmaninov’s summer residence from 1890 until 1917. He had composed many of his greatest works, including the 2nd and 3rd piano concertos there. The houses were destroyed during the revolution. In the 1980s the two main houses were rebuilt according to the original plans and most of their furniture, found at homes in nearby villages, were brought back. ALEXANDER ERMAKOV has been in charge of the place for nearly 40 years and is guarding it with love and affection.

“Special Project in the name of Rachmaninov” nomination was awarded on Saturday, June 16th, 2018 at Rachmaninov Museum – Estate in Ivanovka!

The Award is conferred on the individuals who take a special interest in Rachmaninov’s work and spirit and is intended to support and pay tribute to their work.

Throughout the 2017 year the selection committee chooses the Rachmaninov Projects taking place worldwide. The president of Award nominates the best projects to the position and the Artistic Committee votes on the nomination.

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